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What’s make up made of?

The website for a feminist magazine has an article up that talks about what “beauty” companies (although, really, they’re selling chemicals, not beauty. The chemicals and powders are interpreted as beauty… I’ll avoid a rant about the terminology. Sorry) put into their products and how there is growing consumer awareness of what’s in the things that we put on our face. Check it out here :


Also, as a side note, check around the site if you’re at all interested in feminism. Publications focusing on getting the voice and views of women are surprisingly rare, seeing as we’re supposed to believe that things like Cosmo are about getting the voice of girls heard (but since when does my “voice” consist only of sex/beauty/fashion tips?). You may find some things that you agree with and a few things that you also disagree with, but it’ll may just be a slightly different view than you’re used to seeing and that’s cool to explore. Anyway, the magazine is actually struggling financially, so it would be great to send some traffic over that way to at least show support for them in the most minimal way, in my opinion…


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