Girl Power Camp

The Women’s Centre of Calgary is running week-long FREE day camps for girls 10 -12 and one week for girls 12 – 14. They’re set up to teach girls about challenging gender roles, stereotypes and anything that makes them feel less powerful through games, activities, crafts and speakers. It’s educational, but also fun at the same time. Plus, it’s groups of about 15 girls, so it’s not a huge operation. I’m going to be spending my Tuesdays there this summer, talking about body image, being yourself and a little about activism. Hopefully, my part of the camp will be entertaining. As I mentioned, the camp is completely free, they provide lunches, and it’s at the Calgary Women’s Centre. For more information, call 403-264-1155


Barbie and Ken 101

Here’s another spoken word piece, this time a little bit of a harsher edge, but it has an important message nonetheless. Again, there is some very strong language here and some more mature themes, and while I don’t think it interrupts the meaning of the piece, it might not be appropriate for everyone. Viewer discretion advised for this rant about how women and men are being taught that one body standard is best and how that affects the women he loves. Here’s Rafael Casal with his explanation of “Why twelve year olds think skinny is a compliment…”  in his slam piece called, “Barbie and Ken 101.”

Rafael sends the message fast and relentlessly: walk out on Barbie and Ken 101.

I’m everywhere…

So, this morning, I was on Global television (channel seven?) at about 7:15 AM!  There is going to be no where left to hide from me at this rate. It was a lot of fun, despite getting at up at 5:00 in the morning. I think I’ve nearly used up my fifteen minutes of “fame”, though, so don’t worry. It should be safe to turn on your televisions again tomorrow.

In other news, all the Calgary Chapters/Indigo/Coles SHOULD have my book now. It might not say so in their computers yet, so check the Teen Lifestyles or Local Authors section for it before you believe the system, but they should be there, at LEAST at most of them. I know for certain that Macloed Trail has quite a few copies in their Teen Lifestyles section because I brought them there myself, so don’t be fooled! They’re there, I promise.

Finally, summer’s started, school’s almost over, and there’s several weeks of wonderful potential. Enjoy it!

Television for Breakfast?

So, a little bird told me recently that on Monday, June 8, I’m going to be on Breakfast Television, a Citytv morning program. Now, this little bird also let me know that I’m going to have to get up early, because my four minutes of stardom happen to be at 7:30 AM. It IS a morning show, afterall.

However, if you’re up and about at that time – getting ready for school, work, or breakfast – you should watch out for me. I’ll be either grinning like a fool or looking like I’m about to throw up. I watch Breakfast Television in the morning (when I have time) so it’s a bit weird. However, I’m definitely psyched and I hope to get a chance to tell Dave Kelly (a host) that I remember when he came to my school in 7th grade. I figure he’ll be very impressed with me.

Oh, and on the “appearances note” I’ll be attempting to do some signings over this summer if someone will have me, so I’ll try to put them up here so that maybe someone might come visit.