Operation Beautiful

There’s a woman in Florida who’s started Operation Beautiful in order to help people feel better about themselves. She encourages people to write down a positive message on a post-it note and putting it in a public place, like a public bathroom mirror. The site (here) shows examples of these notes all over the place and I think it’s an AWESOME idea.

I love annonymous compliments, notes or pick-me-ups so I’m totally behind this idea. The founder is trying to target the inner dialogue of women in relation to their body by reminding them via post-its that “you are beautiful” or “Smile, because you’re enough.” This definitely gives me hope that there are people out there taking steps towards a healthier beauty ideal! Check out Operation Beautiful for pictures and the full story!

Hey, Mom, you’re looking good

A topic I think I under-addressed in my book is the importance of mothers to set a good example for her daughter for body image.

I just came across a website for a book that encourages mothers to work around their own body image issues to help their daughters develop a body-positive attitude. The book “You’d Be So Pretty If… Teaching Our Daughters to Love Their Bodies — Even When We Don’t Love Our Own” by Dara Chadwick is definitely needed. I haven’t read the book myself, so I can’t say that I love it, but I love what I’ve heard and so I’d definitely be interested in checking it out. I may not be a mother, but I think all women have an obligation to those younger than them to teach them how to be women; the same goes for men and boys.

It’s really hard for women to send a good message to the younger generation when they’re stuck poking their own thighs with a pained look on their face, though. Unfortunately, that negative message of hating your body – and specifically the body that a mother has passed on directly to her child – is sent easily and usually accidentily. It’s super important to be aware of it and to make an effort to be the role model that girls need. Even when you’re trying to work through your own issues. Moms have a tough gig, I know, but that’s what makes them awesome.

Resolutions, Re:Solutions

What if the beauty and fashion industry acted like they knew that their choices affected how people view beauty and fashion and did the right thing?

Wonderful, wonderful things.

This is the hopes of those women running the blog: 5 Resolutions

I love their “mission statement’ of their five resolutions to transform fashion and beauty industries. In sum, they are:

1. Educate Our Audience

2. Educate Ourselves

3. Take Responsibility

4. Take Action

5. Stay Connected

Check out the link to see how what these five points really meet and learn about how the fashion and beauty industry SHOULD be behaving.

The F-Word

Feminism. I stumbled upon the the blog http://the-f-word.org and I’m loving it. From a quick read, it looks like this feminist blogger has a history of anorexia and is now a vegetarian who at least some of her time looking at issues from a feminist perspective.

For example, this entry talks about a Self article that addressed the repackaging of diets as “health plans” or “cleasing” rituals. However, often this ritual fasting is truly just an excuse to find a way to APPEAR to be both healthy and unhealthily skinny. This conflicting desire is yet another example of the opposites presented to girls and women to achieve. Check out the article and the blog for more.