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The F-Word

Feminism. I stumbled upon the the blog http://the-f-word.org and I’m loving it. From a quick read, it looks like this feminist blogger has a history of anorexia and is now a vegetarian who at least some of her time looking at issues from a feminist perspective.

For example, this entry talks about a Self article that addressed the repackaging of diets as “health plans” or “cleasing” rituals. However, often this ritual fasting is truly just an excuse to find a way to APPEAR to be both healthy and unhealthily skinny. This conflicting desire is yet another example of the opposites presented to girls and women to achieve. Check out the article and the blog for more.


2 thoughts on “The F-Word

  1. the f word is great! I stumbled upon it somehow a few months ago when I was researching body image for my gender class. Interesting stuff!
    By the way, I love your blog. The relationship between girls and their bodies have been so tumultuous… It’s so great to see a dialogue about it.

    • Thanks! I checked out your page as well. I’ll definitely look around. There’s some great resources in blogs right now.

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