Because I am a girl

So, in October I was fortunate enough to sit down with the crew from Because I Am A Girl and talk about Beauty and the Beast, equality, opportunities, feminism and what it’s like to be a girl. They were an amazing little group filming all across Canada and I couldn’t believe that they were interested in talking to me, but I was happy to chat!

It appears that I’ve made it into their trailer! I was pretty psyched to see myself and not completely cringe, so they worked some magic there. The movie is going to be released (in select theatres?) this Spring. I’m looking forward to checking it out and hearing how other girls see the world and what they’re doing to change it.

Learn more at their website, and join the conversation. They have a blog with several guest bloggers it appears and plenty to do. Check it out, and take a peek at the trailer.



Pink is currently considered a girly colour by many in Western society and it’s interesting to hear and see the difference that makes. It certainly does make a difference.

As the holiday season washed over North America, toys and clothing in every shade of pink were marketed to girls everywhere, announcing their gender with just one colour choice. Here’s an interesting article that talks about how choosing pink gives girls less power and in fact helps shape what they expect of themselves, and their role.

“….There is, certainly, evidence to suggest “sexualisation” makes girls not just aspire to a particular kind of thing, but actually changes the way they think. A study by speech therapists in Durham found small children able to identify the colour blue, but saying “Barbie” when shown pink.”

Click here to learn more about gendered toys, colours and PINK.

Also, check out Pink Stinks and their campaign to give girls options beyond pinkification.