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Book News Update: 750!

As much as I focus on links to other great places on the internet that deal with body image, beauty, media critique and feminism, this site is also about my book Beauty and the Beast and I thought I’d update on how it’s doing.

As it stands currently, Calgary Chapters and Indigo stores should have my book in stock, but stores in Vancouver (my new home) have recently ordered copies and they should have it available within a few weeks. It’s wonderful to have interest here on the west coast too. After almost two semesters of university out here, it’s awesome to know that my book is welcome here as well! With the books in the Vancouver stores, where I’m spending most of my time, I will hopefully have a chance to get out and do some events in the city.

Once the copies hit the Vancouver book stores, we will have 750 copies of Beauty and the Beast on shelves – whether in stores, libraries, resource centres, or homes. This means that we’re printing more copies of the book to make sure that we have copies around for anyone else who wants them; we’re running out!

My publisher, Tiberious Publishing, is a new small press run out of Lord Beaverbrook High School that publishes student work and teaches teenagers how the book industry works. However, because it’s just a few years old and not for profit, we have very small runs (the number of copies printed of a book). If there’s not enough demand, we’ll just stop printing because we can’t afford it. The fact that we have to print more is amazing for us. Thanks so much for the support!


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