THIS is The Problem

Actually, this is a youtube video that was recently posted to Sociological Images talking about the dangerous tactics women are willing to use to fit the current standard of beauty, and what it takes to stop them (here’s the post). Unfortunately, it’s not the health risks that have been proven to dissuade those women from following specific beauty practices – it’s ugliness. Check out the video below.

So, skin cancer isn’t as scary as wrinkles or sun spots, apparently. The second speaker is saying many things that I include in my book and my presentations, and it was such a relief to hear someone else acknowledge the intensely important problem that we have in our beauty standards. Women are expected to – and too often do – uphold these standards at the risk or cost of their well being. This is a problem. It’s like makes sure the orange peel is intact, while you juice the fruit.

Women are told to use ourselves up trying to conform to practices and appearances that our body wasn’t designed to fit to. Beauty and self-image is not just about getting girls to feel good about themselves at this point – although that’s a really important goal. It’s an issue about quality of life and what living well means. It’s about how we define health. Is health tied to blood pressure, or peer pressure? The beauty problem is more than skin deep, because the things we do to ourselves in its name have the potential to outlast any superficial beauty we thought we were gaining.