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Times Change

One of the most positive things about body image and the beauty standard is that they are culturally defined, so societies can – and do – change their minds about what beauty means in their culture. This has happened over a long course of time in the West and it gives me hope that – in the long term – the current obsession with a narrow version of beauty can be altered to find a healthier picture.

Sociological Images again provides a good example of this change. They recently posted about vintage ads for products that helped women to gain weight, which was seen as a positive at the time. This is so antithetical to ads in current magazines that it’s pretty funny read and it highlights the current overwhelming pressure to lose weight nowadays.

If we can go from one extreme to another, I hope that someday we will all manage to be a little more moderate about beauty standards, relaxing that choke hold to allow women room for beauty in all sorts of bodys. Check out the original post on Sociological Images here.


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