Pranking with a Purpose

Sometimes, I can’t help but think that vandalism isn’t that bad. Now, don’t get me wrong, private property is a big institution and people usually work pretty hard for their stuff; we shouldn’t wreck it for them. However, I think some graffiti is definitely an improvement on some buildings.


Banksy street art on the Israel-Palestine wall

In some cases, ads for beauty products get vandalized and people are talking back to the advertisement in a public way. Now, it’s a crime to vandalize something, I will remind you, but this is awesome.

Photoshop menus are added to a photoshopped ad with women's faces

Some anonymous person or group has added photoshop menus to the ad in order to remind viewers that they aren’t looking at real women’s faces. They’re looking at pictures after they have been modified and messed with digitally. It’s a great and necessarily reminder that we’re looking at fantasies every day. Many of us know that we’re looking at digitally manipulated images, but that’s not what we’re thinking as we absorb hundreds of images of women a day in advertisements. So, I welcome this kind of vandalism. It’s an improvement on the ad itself, in my opinion.

It’s easy to forget that we’re living in a world that doesn’t always sync up with reality. Smart, cheeky reminders like this one keep us all informed.