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More examples of white-washing

I ran into a fantastic post at Beauty Redefined today about the treatment of women of color in the media. I made a post about this issue before (check it out here) but this is a great post that should see wide distribution. Why are women of color so pale?! Because the Western standard of beauty isn’t just about being thin. It’s about having the “right” body, and that means that it is often about being seen as white. Beauty shows its ugly side when it becomes about racism and ignoring the gorgeous women of color all around us.

Why is Rhianna so white-washed in the recent Vogue UK cover? Because beauty standards aren’t about what’s beautiful.

Rihanna UK Cover

Rihanna rocks? Then put her on the cover, not your preferred version of her. I wouldn’t have recognized her if you hadn’t told me it was her.

Adios Barbie also just put up a post looking at white washing and its negative effects, specifically looking at Beyoncé’s new album cover. Check it out here and please do take a longer look around the site, as it’s a great resource for a lot of image and media issues.


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