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About Me

Born in Winnipeg and raised in Calgary, I’m now living in Vancouver/Burnaby. Although I love all kinds of art, I’ve wanted to be an author since I can remember and I’ve been writing since before that. I’ve always had stories to tell and so even though Beauty and the Beast is a non-fiction book, I never strayed too far away from my creative and narrative roots. When I started getting frustrated with all the negative talk and images about women and their bodies around me, my natural response was to write about it. 

For more information about me, check out my main site www.meganryland.com

Presentations, Workshops and Talks

I’ve been fortunate to get a chance to talk to people about body image, media, feminism and beauty. I’ve done presentations for people in grade 4 all the way up to retirees. I love getting a chance to get out and meet people, chat, present or workshop. If you’re interested in bringing me into a classroom, school, resource centre, or bookstore for nearly any reason, I would love to get in contact with you.  Email me at beauty_vs_beast {at} ymail.com


You can find me over at thebodyisnotanapology.tumblr.com as a content intern.

Plan Canada’s “Because I Am a Girl” campaign put together a documentary and asked me to take part! Check it out!


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hey Megan! Um yea i really like ur website, o and im from the girls skewl u came and did a presentation. {Alice Jamieson Girls Acadmey}.
    I just decided to check it out. LOL

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